Undead Feats

Become the Swarm

You may transform into a seething living swarm of small creatures.
Prerequisites: True Vampirism

Benefits: You gain a new supernatural ability – form of the swarm.

Form of the Swarm (Su):

As a standard action, a vampire with this ability can change into a bat swarm, cen-tipede swarm, rat swarm, or spider swarm. The swarm has a number of hit points equal to the vampire, and any damage done to the swarm affects the vampire’s hit point total.

While in swarm form, a vampire cannot use any of its natural or special attacks, although it gains the movement, natural weapons, and extraordinary special abilities of the swarm into which it has transformed.

The vampire also retains all of its usual special qualities. While in swarm form the vampire is still considered to be an undead creature. A vampire can remain in swarm form until it assumes another form or retakes it original form (a standard action), or until the next sunrise.

Blood of the Deep

Though you are a vampire, somewhere in your history there is a powerful connection to the sea. Running water is no threat to you.

Prerequisites: A vampire (the Risen or later)

Benefits: You are not harmed by running water as most vampires are. Further, you can “fly” through the water. You have a swim speed equal to your normal movement rate.

Creature of Darkness

You are particularly well attuned to conditions of utter darkness. Even the greatest of magical darkness does not hamper your ability to hunt.

Prerequisites: Darkvision 60 ft., Undead

Benefits: Your darkvision increases to 120 ft. You can also see perfectly in any darkness even that created by deeper darkness.

Dark Flight

You are able to fly without first transforming into a dire bat.

Prerequisites: True Vampirism

Benefits: You gain a fly speed 40 ft.(good).

Hasty Rebirth

So powerfully bound are you to your phylactery that you do not long linger before you are rejuvenated.

Prerequisites: Lich

Benefits: You always rejuvenate in one day.

Normal: A lich takes 1d10 days to rejuvenate.

Lingering Spirit

The connection of your spirit to your physical form is particularly strong.

Prerequisites: A vampire (the Risen or later) or a lich

Benefits: Instead of instantly being destroyed or forced into gaseous form at zero hit points, you instead remain intact until you are reduced to your negative Charisma score. Though you fall seemingly dead, you can be restored by negative energy (or blood in the case of vampires) as normal. However if you have not been healed after minutes equal to your level have passed, then you suffer the normal consequences of being reduced to zero hit points.

Normal: As a vampire or a lich you are immediately destroyed (or forced into gaseous form) at zero hit points.

Master Vampire

You are truly a lord of the undead. You can create far more spawn than usual and use them as your puppets.

Prerequisites: True Vampirism

Benefits: Vampires with this ability can have a number of enslaved spawn totaling four times its total Hit Dice.

When this feat is taken, the vampire chooses one of the following three abilities: clairaudience, clairvoyance, or telepathy. Depending on the ability chosen, the vampire can hear what its spawn hears, see what it sees, or communicate telepathically with it. The vampire may exercise or end its use of this ability as a standard action and maintain its connection to its spawn for as long as it wishes. A vampire may only use this ability with one spawn at a time. The vampire and vampire spawn must be on the same plane for this ability to function. While using this ability, the vampire enters a catatonic state similar to its daily rest and is treated as helpless, though it is alerted to any jarring noises, the presence of any visible creature within 5 feet, or any damage that befalls its body.

If you are using the optional minion system from Book II, any bonuses you receive from vampire spawn minions are doubled.

Mortal Visage

The ritual of lichdom that you undertook did not transform you into an undead monstrousity. Instead, you appear much like a normal human and have mastered moving amongst the living. Only the closest of examination (for example, you have no heart beat) will reveal you for what you truly are.

Prerequisites: Lich

Benefits: You do not appear to be an undead. You gain a +10 bonus to Disguise skill checks to appear mortal and Bluff and Disguise are always class skills for you.

You can temporarily drop the disguise as a swift action and reveal your true nature. Only then does your fear aura special attack become active. Restoring the illusion of normality is a full-round action.

Red Feast

Blood is the life for all vampires, but you find it particularly invigorating and devour it greedily when given the chance.

Prerequisites: True Vampirism

Benefits: You do 1d6 Constitution damage and gain 10 hit points or 10 temporary hit points from your blood drain special attack.

Normal: A vampire does 1d4 Constitution damage and gains 5 hit points or 5 temporary hit points from their blood drain special attack.

Sunlight Resistance

The sun, though still your nemesis, is not as instantly destructive to you as it is to other vampires. You still feel its sting, but you may actually function briefly in the light of day.

Prerequisites: A vampire (the Risen or later)

Benefits: For a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier you are only staggered in direct sunlight. After that period of grace is over, you remain staggered and on the next round take one third of your hit points in damage. No damage reduction can reduce this. The next you are utterly destroyed.
If you ever make it back to cover from the sun for one full round, your “count” of rounds of resistance resets.

Normal: Exposing any vampire to direct sunlight staggers it on the first round of exposure and destroys it utterly on the second consecutive round of exposure if it does not escape.

Undead Overlord

Your arisen spirit is particularly potent. Other undead find you impressive and awe inspiring. Mortals rightly tremble before you. You have always had this potential within you but at last, you mastered your state of undeath enough to exploit its power.

Prerequisites: Lich, 15th level

Benefits: You gain a +2 bonus to all Diplomacy checks when dealing with the undead. Your channel resistance increases to +6 and your Fear Aura DC is increased by +2.

Unnatural Armor

Your undead flesh is astonishingly durable and almost as hard as plate mail.

Prerequisites: Lich

Benefits: The natural armor bonus granted by the lich template is increased to +8.

Vampiric Nobility

You were sired by a vampire of a noble and exalted bloodline and at last you have claimed that heritage. Your blood is more powerful and resilient than others of your kind. Other undead can sense your ancient blood and respect you for it, even if grudgingly.

Prerequisites: True Vampirism, 15th level

Benefits: You gain a +2 bonus to all Diplomacy checks when dealing with the undead. Your channel resistance increases to +6 and your Dominate DC is increased by +2.

Withering Touch

Most liches rarely use their touch attack, instead preferring to rely upon their powerful spells. Not so for you. You have honed your touch into a fearsome weapon.Your touch attack channels negative energy with amazing efficiency, destroying life and restoring the undead.

Prerequisites: Lich

Benefits: Your touch attack deals 2d8 points of negative energy damage +1 point of damage per Hit Dice of the lich.
If you use your touch attack to heal any undead (including yourself) it heals at this improved rate.

Normal: A lich’s touch attack uses negative energy to deal 1d8 points of damage to living creatures + 1 point of damage per 2 Hit Dice possessed by the lich.

Undead Feats

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