Languages, Skills, and Traits



At least one player should have the languages in blue. Languages in green, will be very useful in at least one encounter. Languages in black may be helpful, but are not necessary. Languages in red, will never be needed and rarely be known to creatures in this adventure.

Standard Language Typical Speakers
Common (Talirean) Humans
Dwarvish Dwarves
Elvish Elves
Giant Ogres, Giants
Gnomish Gnomes
Goblin Goblinoids
Halfling Halflings
Orc Orcs
Exotic/Foreign Language Typical Speaker
Abyssal Demons
Aklo Aberrations, Evil fey
Aquan Aquatic, and Water-based creatures
Auran Flying, and Air-based creatures
Celestial Celestials
Draconic Dragons, Kobolds
Ignan Fire-based creatures
Infernal Devils
Norspik Foreigners (think Norse)
Old Talirean Dead Language
Sylvan Fey, Treants
Terran Earth-based creatures
Undercommon Underdark traders
Yutak Foreigners (think Eskimo)


This campaign lends itself more than most to a house rule that gives everyone two more skill points per level. The PCs will be on their own for much of the campaign and will have dificulty relying on others for skills. This house rule will make them more self-reliant.

Besides, villains should be more competent than the average man.


Each villain must choose one crime, which counts as one of their two traits (specifically functions as a Campaign trait).

Languages, Skills, and Traits

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