Races, Classes, and Alignment


All races in The Players Handbook are permitted. Tieflings and Drow are thematically appropriate. Aasimar and Eladrin are permitted with an appropriate backstory. More monstrous races may be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

There are certain races that will be more difficult to play in this campaign. Extremely unusual or monstrous races are likely to be troublesome. PCs of those races may find themselves uninvolved in certain parts of this campaign. The PCs after all are on a secret mission to infiltrate and destroy Talingarde. It will be more difficult to infiltrate anything if you are travelling with a minotaur, goblin or serpent man for example. Tread carefully with these choices.


All classes are permitted as long as the alignment restrictions are followed, but it is important to note a few classes require some special consideration.

The Oath-Breaker paladin and Death cleric domain from the Dungeonmaster’s Guide are well suited themetically for this campaign and will be permitted.

Clerics are allowed but must worship a god who approves of the villainous path ahead of you. Worshipping the lawful evil god Asmodeus is strongly encouraged, as are the domains Death, Knowledge, Trickery, and War.

Druids are permitted. Evil druids are a perfectly valid choice but you must decide why such a character would ever join an organization that honors a lawful evil god.

Rangers will find that Humanoid (Human) and later Celestials or Dragons are solid choices for their favored enemies.

Warlocks with any patron or pacts are permitted. Chain Pact warlocks are particularly thematic, and Fiend patrons are strongly encouraged, possibly mandatory.


As normal except that good and chaotic alignments are not allowed. Every character must be lawful neutral, lawful evil, neutral or neutral evil. Of those four alignments, lawful evil is definitely the preferred choice.

There is a further requirement and it is something of an intangible quality. At some point in this adventure path every character is going to have the chance to join an evil organization and swear allegiance to the master of that organization and its patron – the lawful evil god Asmodeus. The adventure path assumes you say yes to this chance. Therefore, you should make a character who can say yes.


Races, Classes, and Alignment

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