Branderscar Prison


Once an important coastal castle, the old Castle Branding long ago ceased having any military importance. The last warfare seen here was over eighty years ago during the war of succession between House Barca and House Darius.

Today the residents are the worst of the worst in Talingarde. In the kingdom of Talingarde, many crimes may send you to Branderscar Prison, but the sentence has but one meaning. You are wicked and irredeemable. Escape is impossible, no one has escaped from Brandscar. Being sent there means only one thing death. Either by execution, at hard labor in the salt mines or after the inquisition is done with you. The prison Captain of the Guard is Sergeant Tomas Blackerly and the Warden is Warden Mathias Richter.

The campaign begins in Branderscar Prison, where the villains must escape or die.

Branderscar Prison

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