Prince of Law, The Dark One, Master of Witches, and Lord of the Pit
Portfolios: Darkness, Law, Sovereignty, Knowledge, Magic, Contracts, Pride, Fire
Preferred Weapon: Dagger, Quarterstaff, and Mace

The worship of Asmodeus is forbidden in the land of Talingarde.

Asmodeus believes that the strong should rightfully govern the weak, who in turn owe their masters unwavering obedience. He loves negotiations and contracts. He expects and appreciates flattery, but its never fooled by it, seeing it as a negotiation tactic.

His plans are intricate and myriad, and his patience spans eons. He is the keeper of order, a dark and powerful majesty who has no need to exaggerate his pedigree.


Other gods find the Dark One an easy deity to deal with, though they realize his aid is not to be sought, or accepted, lightly. For his part, Asmodeus regards other faiths with mild amusement, seeing them as weak, temporary distractions to mortal worshipers. Unsurprisingly, he gives more respect to other deities who stress the rule of law.


The Prince of Law generally does not lower himself to directly interact with mortals, not even his own faithful. A particular powerful person will occasionally grab his attention and receive Asmodeus’ support, as long as the mortal’s actions coincide with the god’s own interests. Failure or incompetence is punished quite severely, generally via burning pain, or writing that appears in blood or fire.


Asmodeus’ priests usually dress in clean and orderly red-accented black dress, and often wear horned masks or helmets for ceremonies. Clothing worn is usually expensive, and clearly so, as the faith preaches that wealth attracts wealth.

Knights of Asmodeus wear the typical black and red associated with the Dark Prince, often wielding a spiked mace. They seek out order to gain power.


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