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  • Grumblejack

    Grumblejack is not that bad for an ogre (being neutral evil instead of chaotic evil). Of course that still makes him an outlaw and enemy of the state according to Talirean law. He is supremely self-interested but is not needlessly cruel or violent. He is …

  • Artephius

    To rebuild Artephius, the following things are needed: 1. *The Eye* – Artephius even if activated would be blind. Its single glass lens has been shattered. The lens is entirely present however and so could be repaired using _Mending_. 2. *The Brain* – …

  • Cartharian Rex

    Cartharian Rex can be summoned to the material plane by using a wicked ritual learned in the [[Horn of Abaddon | Horn of Abaddon]]. [[:brom | Brom]] lit the pyre and burned a living warhorse. From the flames appeared Cartharian Rex, to serve Brom for …

  • Hell Hounds

    The villains summoned three hellhounds using a ritual in the [[Horn of Abaddon | Horn of Abaddon]]. This ritual required the sacrifice of three guard dogs, and the hellhounds summoned serve for the life of he summoner.

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