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  • Pact of Thorns

    Behold on this day in the eighth age of this world a perpetual Compact is made between [[:adrastus-thorn-1 | Cardinal Adrastus Thorn]] (hereafter the Master) and those who would be bound to him as his acolytes (hereafter the Bound). Both the Master and …

  • Dastardly Plate Armor

    Previously, a set of shining plate armor worn by [[:lord-thomas-havelyn | Lord Thomas Havelyn]], this armor's appearance changed immediately upon being touched by one of the villains.

  • Asmodeus

    [[File:320896 | class=media-item-align-center | 206x201px | Asmodeus_holy_symbol.jpg]] _Prince of Law, The Dark One, Master of Witches, and Lord of the Pit_ *Portfolios:* Darkness, Law, Sovereignty, Knowledge, Magic, Contracts, Pride, Fire *Domains …

  • Cardinal Adrastus Thorn

    First Knot (Avernian Knot) - [[:sakkarot-fire-axe | Sakkarot Fire-Axe]] Second Knot - ? Third Knot - ? Fouth Knot - ? Fifth Knot - ? Sixth Knot - ? Seventh Knot - ? Eighth Knot - ? Ninth Knot (Nessian Knot) - The PCs

  • Sakkarot Fire-Axe

    Sakkarot Fire-Axe is the first leader in living memory to unite all of the burabar (bugbear) clans of the [[Savage North | Savage North]]. He is a notable military commander who has assembled his kin into a powerful army north of Talingarde’s Watchwall in …

  • Hell Hounds

    The villains summoned three hellhounds using a ritual in the [[Horn of Abaddon | Horn of Abaddon]]. This ritual required the sacrifice of three guard dogs, and the hellhounds summoned serve for the life of he summoner.

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