Zikomo Hears-The-Father

Mad Oracle of the Bane-wog Boggard Tribe


Zikomo is the tribe’s only spellcaster, and oracle. He is also completely insane. Zikomo suffers from raving bouts of madness and delusions (exacerbated by his brewing of vision-juice, a potent hallucinogen made from local toadstools). The shaman sits alone in his shrine dreaming of world’s end and of almighty Dagon rising from the sea to feed.

He is the only boggard who speaks the common tongue and by far the smartest member of his tribe. Zikomo is a true believer in both his patron demon god and that boggards are Father Dagon’s chosen children.

Zikomo spends a great amount of time lost in drugfueled dreams and meditation. He is fiercely addicted to his home-made hallucinogen vision juice. During these visions, Zikomo believes he has seen the future.

There will be a time of trials before greatness is restored. Zikomo accepts that. The shaman also realizes that some of his tribe will perish in this time. He accepts this as well, as only those who are weak and unfit will die.


Zikomo Hears-The-Father

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