Tacitus of Morimun [Deceased]

Magister of Balentyne


A recluse by nature, Tacitus has nothing but disdain for everyone in the watchtower save for Lord Havelyn for whom he manages a grudging respect. He doesn’t take his meals with the men. Instead servants haul food and drink all the way up to the fourth floor of the keep at meal times. This has garnered the wizard a sinister reputation amongst the garrison and in town. In truth, this reputation is completely undeserved. Tacitus may be an irritable recluse but he is a loyal citizen of Talingarde and devout follower of Mitra committed to his duty. He is minor nobility and no doubt could have maneuvered his way into a post in one of the southern cities. He is here because he believes in protecting the borders of his beloved Talingarde. Of course, if you ask a typical guard about the wizard they are full of rumors of dark experiments held at midnight. Such is the lot of wizards in Mitran Talingarde.


Tacitus of Morimun [Deceased]

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