Sergeant Tomas Blackerly

This was the man who branded each of the villains.


Tomas is a problem for Branderscar. Utterly corrupt, he is skimming the payroll mercilessly. A prison usually garrisoned by forty to fifty guards now routinely employees half that number. But Blackerly didn’t stop there. He has taken to running a rotating card game in the old gate house diverting allegedly on duty guards from their posts. He sells the men cheap whiskey, pocketing the profits. Though these recreations have made Tomas wealthy and popular with the men, prison security is a shambles. It is this laxity that may allow the Forsaken a real chance of escape.


A fat, greedy, and amoral man who serves as the leader of the guards at Branderscar Prison, Blackerly gained and holds that post primarily by virtue of being an excellent liar. He takes almost as much pleasure in putting heated brands to the prisoners’ flesh as he does in using the position to line his own pockets. He skims off the prison’s budget, runs illegal card games for guards while on duty, and sells contraband whiskey. Blackerly’s corruption has weakened the prison’s infamously “unbreakable” security.

Sergeant Tomas Blackerly

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