Sakkarot Fire-Axe

Fierce bugbear chieftan


The brutal leader of the bugbear tribes. He heads up the first knot, the Avernian Knot, of which he claims to be the only true member.


Sakkarot Fire-Axe is the first leader in living memory to unite all of the burabar (bugbear) clans of the Savage North. He is a notable military commander who has assembled his kin into a powerful army north of Talingarde’s Watchwall in preparation of an attack. He is also a devotee of Asmodeus and considered the First Knot. Sakkarot is thoughtful for one of his race and clearly a capable commander.

He seemed impressed with Murdoc, when he showed him the head of Sir Balin of Karfeld.

Sakkarot Fire-Axe

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