Mathias Richter

Warden of Branderscar Prison


There was a time not so long ago when escaping from Branderscar would have been impossible for novice adventurers. The warden before Mathias was Captain Callidan, a veteran cavalier, who ran this prison like a well-oiled machine. But Branderscar is much diminished these days. It is plagued by two problems. The first problem is the warden himself, Mathias Richter. The well connected patriarch of the Richter family maneuvered Mathias into this prestigious post to better the family name.

Mathias accepted the appointment with a shrug and has since evidenced no real interest or aptitude for running a prison. He mostly spends his time amusing himself with his library. Instead, he has largely delegated his responsibilities to a man he trusts implicitly and undeservedly – Sergeant Tomas Blackerly.


Warden Richter was subdued by the Ninth Knot and carried out of Branderscar Prison by Grumblejack at their request. He was carried all the way to the manor of Cardinal Adrastus Thorn. He was never seen again.

Mathias Richter

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