Alchemical Shield Guardian


Artephius is an golem created by the Sons of the Pale Horseman. It was destroyed during the invasion by House Darius, but the pieces and instruction manual remain.


To rebuild Artephius, the following things are needed:
1. The Eye – Artephius even if activated would be blind. Its single glass lens has been shattered. The lens is entirely present however and so could be repaired using Mending.
2. The Brain – Artephius needs a new human, dwarven, elven, half-orc or half-elven brain. No other race will do – they are not the right size and attunement. It need not be from a living person. Someone who died in the last twenty four hours from natural causes will do. Of course, murder is always an option. Finding a brain will likely not be a problem for our band of villains. The difficulty is installing it.
3. The Heart Cog – Artephius’ mithral heart cog was stolen long ago, likely by one of the Victor’s retainers. Without this critical component, Artephius will not activate. A new cog will have to be made. Fortunately, the exact shape is described in the schematics. 500 gp worth of mithral will suffice to make the heart cog.
4. The Reservoir – Artephius needs a new glass reservoir where the four primal reagents can mingle and power the golem. The glass reservoir was smashed during the battle and now the pieces are missing so Mending is of no help. However, there is a spare reservoir amongst the smashed remains of the alchemist’s gear. Installation is a simple matter requiring no skill check.
5. The Reagent of Fire – Artephius needs ten doses of alchemist’s fire.
6. The Reagent of Ice – Artephius needs ten doses of alchemist’s ice (sometimes also called liquid ice).
7. The Reagent of Acid – Artephius needs ten doses of a potent acid.
8. The Reagent of Electricity – Artephius needs a large supply of lightning elemental blood.

The villains successfully rebuilt Artephius.


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