Knot of Thorns

Act III: Fire-Axe

Book 1: Knot of Thorns

Our villains, now officially known as The Nessian Knot, set sail with Captain Kargeld Odenkirk to transport a shipment of armaments to Sakkarot Fireaxe, a fearsome bugbear warchief who will use them to band together the savage bugbears of the north and lead them to war with Talingarde.

On their trip, the Nessian Knot is stopped for inspection by The Blade of St. Martius. After tricking the inspectors, by impersonating Sir Balin and his squire Timeon, the Knot is attacked by a triton oracle who declares himself Nerianus. Upon his death the triton declares a prophecy of doom upon the villains.

The group meets the Yutak whale hunters, lead by Chief White Tusk, and his translator and medicine-man Joseph Calls-Fire-From-Water. They trade White Tusk for his valuable Narwhal horn, but Alar Xiloscient offends him by laughing when he dons the monocle they traded him.

After the trading, travel continued, bringing the party into icy waters. They fought a group of ice mephits, led by an unusually cunning mephit named Kiliketz, the Laughing Storm. Alar binds the creature as his familiar.

The group then finally made it to the Fireaxe’s encampment. Murdoc impresses the Fire-Axe by showing him the head of Sir Balin of Karfeld. The group then gathers back on the ship, the Frosthamar, and makes their way to the other side of Lake Tarik. They kill Captain Kargeld Odenkirk, and his crew as instructed.



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