Knot of Thorns

Act I: Prison Break!

Book 1: Knot of Thorns

Our villains are sent to Branderscar Prison, the most notorious prison in the land, to meet the headsman for their heinous crimes against Talingarde and it’s fair people. Within the cell, are five men: Alar Xiloscient, sent for Piracy; Brom for Murder, Captain Atticus Rockhopper sent for Piracy; Harrison Butterscotch for Graverobbing; and Murdoc for Consorting with Dark Powers. A dour situation, the villains receive aid from a mysterious woman on the behalf of an unknown benefactor. After giving them a Veil of Useful Items and departing, the villains free themselves from their bonds, gain the aid of Grumblejack the Ogre who has been kept in Branderscar awaiting his own execution.


Our villains slaughter some of the guards, and make their way to the warden’s tower. They subdue the Warden Mathias Richter, and kill his pet owl, before recovering some of their equipment and Richter’s spellbook. They climb over the guardhouse, leaving Sergeant Tomas Blackerly alive with a few guards inside.

After escaping the prison, our villains made their way through the Moors where they were attacked by the giant constricter snake Lashtongue, which they swiftly defeated. They then arrived at the Manor on the Old Moor Road to meet their unseen benefactor.



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