Knot of Thorns

Act IV: Burning Balentyne

Book 1: Knot of Thorns

Leaving Grumblejack to watch the Frosthamar, our villains made there way to the town of Aldencross. There they entered the only inn available, the Lord’s Dalliance.

At the Lord’s Dalliance, Brom attempted to make some new friends among the soldiers drinking there, Harrison Butterscotch failed miserably to fit in among the dwarven engineers, and Atticus Rockhopper (disguised as a halfling) got himself a job serving drinks. Even with all of this excitement, the villains noticed an aasimar within the tavern. Brom was unable to sense anything celestial about this man; in fact he sensed quite the opposite. Upon further investigation, the man revealed himself to be Lucius Umbra, sent by Cardinal Adrastus Thorn. As proof, he showed the others that his name had appeared on their contract as well. The rest of the villains remain skeptical of this man’s abilities. They believe he must be some kind of thief.

With the group once again together they made a plan to poison the soldiers’ stew, remove the Dwarven engineers, and impersonate the dwarves for access to Balentyne.

Once inside, they destroyed the siege equipment and killed Mad Martin Rayard, believing him to be the rumored magister, and destroyed his rookery. They then enter the keep where they were surprised to find the real Tacitus of Morimun and his Ice Golem experiment.

After dealing with the magister and his golem, the villains made their way the the war room and fought Lord Thomas Havelyn and Counselor Donnagin. They defeated them both. As Brom touched Lord Havelyn’s armor it transformed from shining plate to a dark and baroque plate, covered in the iconography of Asmodeus.



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